Joker 2 in a new image, Todd Phillips celebrates and shows the main character

At the beginning of April this year, it was announced that work on the Joker: Folie à Deux collection was underway. Yesterday, the first Joker movie celebrated its fourth birthday. On this occasion, Todd Phillips – director of both productions – decided to share a new image from the long-awaited sequel. Those interested can see Joaquin Phoenix again in the role of Arthur Fleck.

Todd Phillips presents a new still from the movie Joker 2. Starring Joaquin Phoenix

A new photo from Joker: Folie à Deux was published on the official page of star Todd Philips on the social networking site Instagram. Thus, the director celebrated the fourth anniversary of the premiere of the film Joker, and thanked all fans for their kind messages on this occasion. Unfortunately, we don’t know when we can expect more promotional materials.

Finally, let us remind you that in the second part of the film Joker, besides Joaquin Phoenix, we will also see among others: Lady Gaga, Zazie Beetz, Brendan Gleeson, Jacob Lofland and Catherine Keener. As previously announced, Joker: Folie à Deux is scheduled to premiere on October 4, 2024.

Todd Phillips presents a new still from the movie Joker 2. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Joker 2 in a new still.  Todd Phillips celebrates and showcases the main character

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