Armie Hammer works at the hotel.  The actor does not have a chance to return to the screen at the moment

Information appeared on social media that ARMY HUMMERUntil recently, the first Hollywood star worked in a hotel in the Cayman Islands. Producer Mona Mir posted a photo of the actress dressed as a concierge on Twitter. However, she later removed the photo and information that Hammer was working at the Moritz Resort.

The hotel initially denied these reports, stating that Hammer was only “spending time there”. But now Variety has reached out to a source who has confirmed that the actor is indeed playing a role he may not have done until recently. “The truth is that he is completely broke and trying to fill his days and earn money to support his family,” said a hotel employee, who asked not to be identified. Hammer operates in the Cayman Islands as a timeshare vendor. It is a real estate ownership system where the customer buys a fully furnished and equipped apartment or a holiday home at a fraction of the cost of owning a traditional home.

Armie Hammer with his wife in 2018 – Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Hammer wanted to work in the Cayman Islands because he wanted to be close to his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and their two children. Before that, the actor stayed in a treatment center.

Armie Hammer promised to be a Hollywood star. Play, among other things in the “Social Network” or “Call me by your name”. The last time he appeared on screen was in deaths on the Nile Disney. In early 2021, accusations came from women who spoke of Hammer as an aggressive man with cannibal fetishism. There were allegations of rape and sexual assault. Hammer denied the charges, but his career fell apart and his family collapsed. hammer so far Not working in any movie or series project.

the subject Grandson of oil tycoon Armand HammerBut grandfather’s fortune could not be used. He is not on the family payroll and has to look for a regular job.



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