We buy trains worth more than PLN 1.1 billion.  Some will go to the SKM line

The Pomerania County authorities decided to extend the order for the supply of electric trains from 2 units to 31 units. The record contract value is 1 billion PLN 113 million. Some trains from this complex will be used by the line SKM.

On Monday, during a break in the session of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Parliament, two important documents related to the new railway stock of the Pomerania Voivodeship will be signed.

There will be 31 trains instead of two

– The first is confirmation of the correct choice in the contract with Newag SA, and the second – is a cooperation agreement with PKP SKM SA, which will allow the Autonomous Government of the Pomerania Province to use EU funding related to the purchase of new train equipment for SKM – announces Michael PiotrowskiSpokesperson for the Marshal’s Office.
Let’s explain what’s going on.

The first case concerns the extension of a contract for the supply of new trains. In August 2022, the office signed a contract with Newag for two electric multiple units worth PLN 70 million – one conglomerate and one regional.

Two electric trains for Tricity and Pomerania in 2023Two electric trains for Tricity and Pomerania in 2023

  • Length: from 76 to 86 m
  • Number of doors: not less than 9 on each side of the vehicle
  • Number of seats: min. 180 seats, 4 people per square meter of undeveloped space (standing places)
  • Number of bike racks: 6
  • The maximum speed is 120 km / h

  • Length: from 70 to 76 m
  • Number of doors: not less than 6 on each side of the vehicle
  • Number of seats: min. 140 seats, 4 people per square meter of undeveloped space (standing places)
  • Number of bike racks: at least 12
  • toilets
  • The maximum speed is 160 km / h

The contract included an option to extend the order with another 29 vehicles. And on Monday, the final official move will be made.

Thanks to him, 31 new trains will appear in Pomerania: 20 block trains to serve eg connections on the SKM and PKM lines, and 11 regional connections on longer routes throughout the county.

Some of the new trains will be used on the SKM line

The second issue concerns the rolling stock of SKM. The company unsuccessfully tried to find a supplier for 10 new trains. When that failed, there was a threat of losing EU funding.

Now, thanks to the agreement with the marshal, the local government will take over this subsidy, and some of the trains that it will buy under the contract will be handed over to the company to operate the PKM line.

31 trains for more than PLN 1.1 billion

– The purchase of new vehicles means that from 2026 the SKM line will only be operated with new vehicles or modern railway equipment – adds Michał Piotrowski.
The total amount of the order for 31 vehicles is 1 billion PLN 113 million.

It should be noted that a tender is underway to select a supplier Four hybrid trains With electric combustion engine. We should know offers on April 12th.

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