40 for 20.  Robert Kochanek went crazy on 'DDTVN'..and revealed what decision did he make in the final?  big surprise

Robert Kochanek and Bartosz Andrzeczak with “40 vs 20“They were guests in”Good morning TVN“It’s all about the end of the program on Monday. We will find out in the evening whether the gentlemen have decided to establish relations with the selected participants. However, it seems that the dancer has gone and, in a way, revealed how his adventure with the program ended.

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40 for 20. Robert Kochank in a frank conversation with Kinga

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Robert Kochank from “40 for 20” found love on the show?

Robert Kochanek From “40 vs. 20” during the conversation on “Good Morning .” the televisionHe was asked about the motivations for participating in the program, but also about the experience of staying in the villa. Dorota Wellman I wondered why he chose to participate in the first place.

Complete coincidence, but no coincidence, so I understand why not. Another experience in communicating with women. Living in a villa was an opportunity to meet someone, perhaps in the future.

The journalist began to ask what the lover learned about himself on the program – is it possible to find love there. Before he could hear the whole question he fired…

I met the love of my life…I wanted to know myself. I need to be more assertive, for example,” he replied, quickly changing the subject.

When Wellman finally started looking up who he met there, he realized he had said too much and said we’d find out all in Monday’s finale.

I invite you to the final at 20 – answered.

Linda and Robert from 40 for 20. Favorite said goodbye to the program. Internet users do not believe

Let’s remind you – during the ending, we’ll find out if Robert Kochanek wants to continue his relationship with any of the ladies, or if he decides to leave the show as singles. He will be able to choose Agata, Marta or Beata. I wonder which of them is the “love of life” of the dancer.

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