February 4, 2023


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The nude photo of Dagmara Kamierska's son is causing quite a stir on the Internet.  Netizens were speechless

The nude photo of Dagmara Kamierska’s son is causing quite a stir on the Internet. Netizens were speechless

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Konan Kaymirsky gained popularity thanks to his charismatic mother. in a “life queensWe can refer to that Dagmara Kamierska She loves her son very much. Treat him like he’s young BoyBy addressing him constantly in an affectionate manner. Meanwhile, Konanik has already become a developing man. Currently studying medicine. He does not want to be associated with the world of media, but is very active on Instagram. He grew a short beard and asked netizens for their opinions. However, fans primarily paid attention to his exposed chest.

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Dagmara Ka┼║mierska’s son ignited netizens! Conan’s hot picture a web sensation

Conan’s Instagram account has 213,000 followers. users. Profile is full of photos from travels and meetings with friends And workouts in the gym. The son of the now famous queen decided to flex his trained muscles and display a half-naked picture. At the same time, he asked netizens for their opinions on the recently grown stubble beard.

Now there is a beard, a year ago a mustache (small). Say what is best. no thing?

Lots of comments appeared under the photo. The prevailing opinion was that Conan would be better off without his facial hair. A large number of Internet users also noted the athletic character of the guy.

Conan would be better off without a beard and moustache.

I can see that there is a shape. our end.

Respect your shoulder and arm muscles.

In my opinion, a person without a beard is better for you.

Which version of Conan do you like the most?

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