June 3, 2023


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Andrzej Szopa is dead. An actor known to have left “Balbania” in Skolimo

On Sunday, January 1, the Polish Dramatic Artists Association announced the death of Andrzej Szopa (70).

– reported on ZASP’s Facebook page.

Andrzej Szopa is dead

The actor has been living in Skolimów for eight years. In an interview with Super Express, an anonymous employee of the House of Veteran Artists said:

Andrzej passed away yesterday around 20:40. His beloved wife Iza was with him, holding his hand. His close friends were also present. Andrew could not get out of bed for a long time. His health has deteriorated in recent days. Matt is taken care of by the people closest to him. He was given the last rites.

Andrzej Szopa has had serious health problems for a long time. In 2016, he suffered a stroke during back surgery in the United States and has been since He was in a wheelchair. In the same year, they were engaged in assisting actor Friends from the Square Theatrewho collected money for his treatment.

In 2021, his wife, Mrs. Izza, made a post on Facebook complaining about conditions at the veteran artist’s house in Scolimo. Ms. Eiza added that staying at the veteran artist’s house costs up to PLN 5,900 per month.

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