December 8, 2022


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We do not agree.  Politics wins science

We do not agree. Politics wins science

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Does the government listen to the medical council? Neumann: The government doesn’t listen to it, only PR guests

Last week, the educational supervisor of Malopolska Barbara Nowak request in Radio ZetWho believes the possibility of introducing compulsory vaccinations for teachers. – I do not agree with the idea of ​​​​forcing anyone to do anything – she said, adding that “especially when we talk about vaccines, their results, and the results of this trial, have not been fully proven.” Her words about a “medical trial” are inconsistent with scientific data — COVID vaccines have passed all three phases of required clinical trials. It is the only cure for combat pandemic, prevent severe mileage and fatalities.

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Barbara Novak was reprimanded. And she had a lust to be a “vice” in the PiS government

Her statement – including her own – has been condemned by experts and politicians Minister of Health Adam Nidzelsky. On Tuesday on TVN24 he said that Barbara Nowak He should be fired because the government official “must represent the viewpoint of state policy in a particular area”. It also took a stand on this issue Medical CouncilWho believes that “denial of the value of vaccination against COVID-19 by people in public office is unacceptable and should lead to the loss of public office.” Chairman of the Board a. And André Hurban criticized Nowak on RMF FM, saying that she “should be separated completely and completely and not dealing with medicine at all, because she has no idea about it”. Vice-Marshal Ryszard Terlicki, in turn, informed that there would be no resignation from the gallery’s curator.

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Professor Robert FlisekMedical board ‘unable to proceed with any further procedure’

a. Feliciak criticized Nowak’s statement. Informs who is required to apply for compulsory vaccinations

The moderator also referred to the words of Małopolska, Prof. Robert Feliciak. The Medical Council’s announcement does not only apply to Barbara Novak. It is also about statements from other politicians. Of course we disagree with the decision [braku dymisji małopolskiej kurator oświaty – red.]. Politics wins common sense and science – said the expert.

Anti-vaccine protests in the square in front of the National Assembly in SofiaCounter-curricula storm the Bulgarian parliament building. Clashes with the police

I don’t think that vaccination should be compulsory for everyone. Only it should cover certain age or occupational groups. Restrictions must be entered wisely, so that there is no absurdity in the form of a ban on entering the forest – emphasized the head of the Polish Association of Epidemiologists and Physicians Chorb intended. According to the professor, the vaccination should include people over 60 years old, medical staff and teachers. The introduction of compulsory vaccinations was also taken into consideration. It would be perfect, but at this level I’m realistic. He added that you could try to achieve the ambitious goals of vaccinating everyone under duress, but that’s not very realistic.

According to the findings of journalist Jacek Gądek, Voivodeship of Malopolska had a disciplinary conversation with the Curator of Education, Barbara Novak. “Novak will not lose the chair now, but – as we hear in the Law and Justice Party – she had a taste for the now-defunct post of Deputy Minister Przemyslav Ksarnik” – our press was established.

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