The International Space Station "divided".  The Russians suspend joint experiments

Roscomos then responded to the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia Invasion of Ukraine. The agency provided information regarding the activities of the International Space Station. NASA recently announced that it intends to fund it by 2030. But the Russians want to conduct their experiments themselves.

Roscosmos mentioned it Suspension of all scientific experiments conducted so far with Germany from the European Space Agency. It will continue, but this has to be done independently of other countries. Russia also plans to adapt its space program to sanctions.

So there was a kind of “split” on the ISS. Roscosmos had earlier indicated imposing sanctions on Russia It will also affect the activities of the International Space Station. It is possible that more changes will be announced in the near future.

At the same time, we invite you to listen to the latest episode of the podcast from a technical point of view. This time we talked about quantum computers and the extraordinary discovery of Polish scientists regarding the quantum processor. What is its purpose and how does it work? You will find the answer below:

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