Maria Obozda explains the scandalous words after the Bosko-Zdroj scandal

Dariush ObuzdaActress’s father joanna obuzdaHe didn’t want to let his wife into the house. Malgorzata OpozdaWho was supposed to kick him out of the apartment earlier. When the woman came to get her things, Opozda refused to let her in, then fired a shot at the door behind which she was standing with her youngest daughter and son-in-law, Anthony Krulikowski. Because Opozda has been reporting the whole incident on Facebook for several days Shooting in Busko-Zdrój One of the most commented events in the media. Dariush Obozda’s mother also took part in this, MARIA OBOSDAthat appear in movies shared on the network. You can see that she is agitated, profanity dripping from her lips. Even the woman said that He regrets that the son lost his wife while she was shot. Now translates from these words.

Maria Obozda translates with obscene words

Maria Obozda has been an activist associated with the Law and Justice Party for many years. W 2017 I sat on the board of the PiS structures in BoscoAnd She was a secretary in Busko-Zdrój municipality. A few days after the altercation that occurred in her son’s apartment, she informed a Bosco district councilor, Jan Bartosic, that a disciplinary action had been initiated against Joanna Öposda’s grandmother, with the woman removed from the party.

Maria Obozda has now released a statement translating the obscene words uttered after her son shot a pistol.

– We read.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Dariush Obuzda’s mother stated that the words heard in the recordings from Bosko-Zdroj are the result of nerves caused by the situation that occurred. A former Law and Justice party activist points out:

Finally, the woman adds: “So it should be assumed I did not utter the quoted words consciously and without disturbance. I would never have uttered them had the conversation continued as usual.”

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