NASA shows how climate change will affect agricultural crops.  "The whole world will feel it"

NASA doesn’t just think about space exploration. Its scientists also carefully study our planet, and one of their main areas of interest is Climate change on earth related to human activities. Recently, NASA has dealt with Analyzing climate change in the context of many popular agricultural cropsCorn, wheat, soybeans and rice. The conclusions presented by the Americans are unfortunately very disturbing.

As we read, simulations were performed using using a supercomputer Show it already In 2030, climate change will begin to negatively affect maize and wheat production. NASA expects a global reduction in corn production of up to 24 percent, while wheat production could increase by about 17 percent. Unfortunately, the high production of wheat will have an effect on the quality of the grain, which will lead to a lower quality of the crop. In the case of rice and soybeans, NASA’s projections weren’t entirely clear, so it’s hard to say how a changing climate will affect these two crops.

NASA ends its entry like this:

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