Corona Virus.  The expert expects when the fourth wave of the epidemic is reached in Poland

Dr. Sotkowski notes that trying to predict development EpidemicThe number of people fully vaccinated against COVID-19. “However, the number of people vaccinated is not the only indicator we have to take into account. All simulations also take into account social processes and managerial decisions,” he explained.

In his opinion, the peak of the fourth wave pandemic It will take place in October, and the return will have the greatest impact on increasing the infection rate children an act School And back from vacations.

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Why do Poles not want to be vaccinated against COVID?

Corona virus in Poland. “You should hurry up with the vaccinations.”

He hoped that some people would continue to be vaccinated. “Unfortunately, it is already too late and you have to hurry up to receive vaccinations. That is why we must appeal not only to attendance, but also to the pace of vaccination. The pace should be much faster” – assessed Dr. Sotkowski. Therefore, as mentioned, everyone should support actions that will accelerate the pace torsionn.

Dr. Sutkowski told that everything indicated that a delta variant would be responsible for the fourth wave in Poland. “If there are a lot of people returning from vacation, and these returnees will infect others in places where there are many unvaccinated people, then it may be necessary to establish restrictions, that is, health recommendations are stronger than they are currently” – declared the head of the Warsaw family doctors.

At the same time, he made a reservation that these restrictions would not affect people to feed. “It is always wise to vaccinate.”

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Dr. Sotkowski admitted that the simulations, the authors of which are trying to predict the most likely development of an epidemic in Poland, indicate the possibility of several infections per day.

“Originally, there was talk of about 15,000 infections per day at the end of August. This probably won’t work. Personally, I expect several thousand – 5,000 to 10,000 per day. However, it is also possible that there is a worse alternative – the number of infections at a level 40.000. per day ”- he evaluated.

He pointed out that we may be dealing with a situation similar to what is happening in the United Kingdom, where there have been a relatively large number of infections, but a small number of hospitalizations and deaths. “However, I will not be very happy, because in Poland there are less than 70 percent of vaccinated people over 80 years old. It is certainly not enough to declare success and expect to be fine” – he said.

He noted that the problem also lies in the fact that most people have forgotten the principle of DDM – distance, disinfection, mask. (PAP)

Author: Iwona Żurek

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