We can be proud of Iga Świętek, not only on the field.  "I'm exercising this right" tennis

birthday He was the leader in the rankings for more than 30 weeks. It’s discrimination, but it’s also a responsibility. The world of tennis looks at all of your gestures, and listens to your every word. You can remain silent or take advantage of your position for a good cause. Our player is great in the role of the best tennis player in the world – 21-year-old Poland is a great player and world tennis star, but at the same time a responsible and mature person who reacts wisely to what is happening around him. Her, about the courts.

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New Iga Świątek. However, Djokovic and not Nadal?

for Ukraine

Iga Świątek appeared with the Ukrainian tape from the first days of the Russian offensive on Ukraine. She is the only tennis star who has spoken openly about the war. She is not afraid to use the word “war” and admits that, as a magnate, she looks at it exceptionally well. Other celebrities may follow suit.

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In July in Krakow, she organized the “Iga Świątek and Friends for Ukraine” event. The Tauron Arena in Krakow was full for the last seat. More than 2.5 million PLN were collected for Ukrainian children. Applause also to our tennis player team, who prepared a unique event in a few months.

Speaking with a Ukrainian journalist in the capital of Malopolska, I heard how his compatriots fell in love with Iga Švetik. After several victories this year, the Polish woman reminded the world of the ongoing war. She became the unofficial ambassador for the Ukrainian cause in the West. Two months after Krakow, a similar charity event was organized by the Americans by US Open. They invited not only Iga Shvik, but also Rafael Nadal and Coco Gauff.

The Polish woman talks about many important things for the world and for tennis – and she was not afraid to talk about Wimbledon. The English decided to exclude Russians and Belarusians from this edition. In response, the ATP and WTA sanctioned tournament authorities – and practically the players – by taking points for this year’s performances on the lawn in London. Asked about the confusion, the Polish lady said that when the war is close to her homeland, the points do not matter. In addition, she hoped that the management of entities Tennis You will be able to communicate better.

protest decision

Even before the tournament starts WTA Finals In Texas, Schweteke announced that she would not participate in the Billie Jean King Cup Finals. The acting tournament begins in Glasgow the day after the event ends in Fort Worth. Some fans or experts claimed that the Polish woman could wait for this decision, but it seems that Svetic consciously did it earlier – to protest the fact that the tennis authorities were not able to arrange the tournament calendar. In response, the International Tennis Federation has already announced that a situation similar to the upcoming schedule will not happen again next year.

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During the WTA Finals, Polka spoke about organizing the tournament for the eight best tennis players in the world.

I would like the tournament to have one place in the coming years and be as big as it was before or as it is in the case of the ATP. On the other hand, I understand a little bit why this happens [chodzi o pandemię – red.] And from a business point of view, it would probably be difficult to organize an event like this. But I think if ATP can do that, so can we. I was just curious because, you know, there are always talks about cash prizes during the ATP Finals and WTA Finals – Świątek said.

The prize pool for the Champions Tour is nearly $15 million, and the Champions Tour is three times less. This is also what the Polish woman points out, using her strong position as the number one in the world.

Impressions, though repeated: “I’m learning”

For our tennis player, the topic of mental health is also very important. Every now and then he donates the winnings of tournament prizes to community organizations. It also works to raise public awareness in this field. Recently, a United Nations organization nominated her for the Mental Health Award. Psychologist Daria Abramovich also supports her in this matter.

Świątek can be a model for other tennis players, as well as for her young fans. In Fort Worth, Bulka was also asked about a mural of her that had been made on the wall of an elementary school in her hometown, Razin. – I heard about him. I am proud of myself for getting to the point where I can be in school. I hope it inspires the children a little to exercise – she said. He repeats many times that he wants to instill love for him sportsfor tennis.

The tennis player found herself in the role of “number one” in the world. Although she does not want to judge herself, she remains very modest. – I’m learning. I try to remember that I’m deciding what I’m participating in and that I’m doing it right. That is why I find myself well, it is not for me to judge the matter, because I only deal with topics where I feel that my voice will be valuable – she said in an interview with Sport.pl.

We already know it’s valuable. In this great season with many impressive victories on the courts, Iga Świątek also wins out of it.

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