Clish didn't know he was "alive".  And he said what he really thought about Nawaka's comeback

It is still unknown who will become the new director Poland national team. The related story has been going on since the end of last year, when Paulo Sousa left Brazil’s Flamengo. From that moment on, chief PZPN Cezary Kulesza is searching extensively for the ideal candidate and everything indicates that he is close to making a decision.

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Lewandowski’s work makes a sensational impression! “Temple of Sports”

The new manager Poland national team Most likely, Adam Nawałka, whose second attempt will be in this job, will remain. The 64-year-old coach already led the team in 2013-2018 and reached the quarter-finals with him euro 2016. According to, the official announcement of the decision may be made in the next few hours, because only contractual procedures have been agreed.

The French are brutally honest with Melek. This time he can’t explain himself.

Not all actors were thrilled with Nowak’s return. Meaningful words Matthews Klitsch

Adam Nawałka seemed to have a lot of support from a lot of fans, journalists and even the actors themselves. But it turns out that not everyone supports this solution. He appears to be particularly unhappy with the 64-year-old’s return to the squad Matthews Klitsch. the assistant clich He unknowingly expressed his opinion on this during the stream of the famous Internet creator Paris Platynov, of which he was a guest.

Who will be the new coach? Like Nawałka, she’s a prostitute, she probably played – the 31-year-old footballer emphatically admitted. However, Clish forgot he was alive, which the broadcast host quickly realized. Paris Platynov quickly deleted the entire broadcast record, but nothing was lost on the Internet and the Polish actor’s speech was already circulated on social media.

Lots of profanity was noticed in the conversation

The first effects of Barcelona's defeat were already in January.  drastic decisionsXavi demands the departure of the Barcelona star. “Beep every time you touch the ball”

However, this must be admitted Matthews Klitsch In fact, he has nothing to fear. The 31-year-old wasn’t the favourite Adam Nowak During his first term he played only four matches. However, he did not play to a high level as he does now. His career only began to accelerate in 2018, when the coach left the position.

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