Do you have a frying pan with Teflon?  Scientists sounded the alarm and showed the results of the research - O2

One scratch on the frying pan caused health problems

Scientists from the Institute of Nanoscience and Engineering have proven it Even a single scratch, i.e. a crack on the surface of a Teflon-coated pan, releases about 9,100 plastic particles. What’s more, Dr. Cheng Fang of Newcastle University states that PFAS, or perfluorinated compounds that have the ability to repel water and fat molecules used in the production of pans and Teflon, remain on food, which can translate into serious health. Problems.

That’s why Yuhong Tang, a scientist at Flinders University, is sensitive to choosing and using kitchen utensils and utensils wisely. In this way, contamination of food can be avoided. In his opinion, a violation of the non-stick coating should remove the dishes from our kitchen. For safety, discard the pan when there is at least one scratch on its surface.

PFAS is a silent killer. We are all exposed to it

Commonly used in packaging and pans, PFAS may contain carcinogenic chemicals. According to the European Environment Agency, infants and children are most vulnerable to their impact. Exposure to harmful PFAS may increase the risk of miscarriage and reduce birth weight in newborns, but that’s not all. May cause thyroid, liver and kidney diseases. Affects high cholesterol, affects hormonal disorders, and even causes cancer. In men, it is clearly linked to testicular cancer.

Where else can we contact PFAS? Perfluorinated compounds are used, inter alia, in the production of foam, floor care products and paints. There is more and more talk about the presence of PFAS in packaging used in fast food. It can be found, for example, in paper packaging, including those used as cups for coffee or other drinks.

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