Schnee will call Michniewicz.  It will be on the air around Souza.  The Polish national team is ready!

Czeslav Michenewicz Introduced as a new football coach Poland national team. The decision came as a big surprise to all observers and provoked extreme reactions. The past of Ceslav Micheniovich has caused a lot of controversy. It is, of course, about 711 connections to “The Hairdresser” – the boss of the mafia who fixes matches in Poland. This topic was present at the press conference during which Michenewicz He even threatened the journalist with a lawsuit.

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Michniewicz reveals the cards! Uniquely about goalkeeper #1

Szczęsny called Michniewicz. Another pin was stuck on Suzy

Michniewicz avoided specifics at his first press conference in the role Management Poland national team. He made it clear that he did not want to facilitate the analysis of the Russians before the first play-off match of the World Cup in Qatar. But when we asked him to choose the first goalkeeper, he confirmed that he would be Wojciech Szczesny.

The harsh words of the Russian expert after the appointment of Michniwich. Poland will lose.

Yes, there is no other answer. Wojtek is a great goalkeeper, playing for a great club, and Łukasz Fabiański has finished his international career. There is also the experienced and junior Łukasz Skorupski: Bartłomiej Drągowski, Kamel Grabara and Radosław Majecki. But my choice will be Wojciech SzczsnyAnd, of course, if there are no injuries and health complications – Michniewicz was accepted into the LIVE program.

Goalkeeper Juventus On Monday, he was a guest on “Transfer Night” on Canal + Sport. He admitted that he had already called up the new coach of the Polish national team. The coach will be here next week and we can talk a little longer. I called because I just wanted to congratulate him on this job. I think it’s the pinnacle of dreams for every Polish coach – admit it Chisney. “Not much for a foreigner,” added Paolo Susie, sticking a pin. You have to admit that to the point.

Czeslav Micniewicz will board a plane later this week and fly to Munich to meet Robert Lewandowski. Mateusz Squirawski writes about the entire team’s reaction to the WP Sportowe Fakty. The choice of Cesare Colizza was well received by young footballers such as Kamel Joviac or Karol Schwederski. It wouldn’t be surprising – they both collaborated with Michniewicz when he was in charge of U-21. Sebastian would be particularly pleased maskswho was consistently ignored in appointments during his tenure Paulo Sossi.

The older actors had to behave worse. Some of them made no secret of the fact that they wanted to work with Adam Nowak again. – Adam Nowak Despite the recent period in the World Cup, he is a man of the first class. To this day, he cares about the players. Even after matches during Brzczek or Sousa’s training period, he wrote a text message. He still has a strong relationship with the players he’s led. He will surely be well received in the coat-room, and even better – Kamil Celik said in an interview with “Canai Sportoy”.

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