Krejcikova has COVID-19.  Alarm for the Christmas Iga at Roland Garros Tenis

to Barbora Krejcikova The 2022 season is a nightmare right now. The Czech Republic has lost most tournaments so far due to injury, and Roland Garros was supposed to defend a double. crowns – Last year’s victory in singles and doubles.

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Iga Świątek reacts to the position of WTA ranking leader

at match The first round with 19-year-old French Diane Barry was already leading 6:1, 2:1, finally losing 6:1, 2:6, 3:6. At the press conference after this duel, Krizhikova cried. – I tried to prepare as best I could. She said with difficulty: She broke up. However, she still had to play in doubles, along with Katerina Sinyakova. Exactly, I did.

Krejcikova with coronavirus. She had to withdraw from the doubles

On Wednesday, shortly before the first match of the Czech national team in Roland Garros, there was information that the duo Krechikova / Siniakova had withdrawn from the tournament. As it turned out, none of the players were injured.

– Hey guys, I have to make a very difficult announcement for me. I really wanted to play doubles here, but unfortunately I did in Roland Garros It ended prematurely. Last night I started feeling queasy and woke up in the morning with a fever. I decided to take a test for COVID-19 and gave it to him calendar Positive … – reported Barbora Krizhikova on Instagram.

Ash is perfect. Iga Świątek wants to act like her

“I am very sad that I will not be able to defend my doubles title, but on the positive side, I am glad that I am injured now.” I can’t wait to recover and train. She added, “Thank you for all your support.”

How about Iga Świątek? The Polish women trained with Krejcikova on Saturday

Krejcikova’s problems are bad news for her Iga your lips. barely Saturday The Polish and the Czech participant took part in a demonstration training session at the main stadium in Paris.

“In the stands, a local DJ started the party, but still fans Christmas greeting, they managed to shout it. The standings leader trained on the main court with Barbara Krizhikova, the defending champion. Lots of people came to watch them train. You don’t see such crowds at many tennis matches. In the training sessions you can meet a similar number of people in Paris that stands only in the case of Rafael Nadal”- Our envoy to Paris, Dominic Senkowski, reported.

It’s been just over three days of Saturday training for Barbora Krezhikova’s malaise. Hopefully Iga Świątek can avoid infection. On Thursday, the WTA rankings leader will play France’s Fiona Ferro in the second round of the tournament. The meeting starts after 3 pm Polish time, live coverage on

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