War in Ukraine.  The United States is ready to support legislation that would allow the transfer of frozen Russian assets to Ukraine

The case was reported by the “Rzeczpospolita” online service after Bloomberg. The agency reported this The issue of seizing frozen Russian assets is scheduled to be discussed during the G7 leaders' meeting in February. This information was confirmed by a person close to the US administration who requested anonymity.

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War in Ukraine. The West is preparing to confiscate Russian assets

Journalists also describe a memorandum from the US National Security Council to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It follows this The administration welcomes “in principle” the draft law allowing confiscation Origins of Russia.

However, this action will be coordinated with the G7 countries. Ukraine will use this money to rebuild the country. The World Bank estimates the cost of this project at up to 411 billion US dollars.

In cooperation with our G7 partners, we are exploring all options consistent with our legal systems and international law to help Ukraine obtain reparations from Russia,” the US State Department wrote in a statement reported by rp.pl.

The West has a problem supporting Ukraine

The Office of the current President regularly emphasizes the need to continue supporting Ukraine in its struggle for independence. Therefore, Joe Biden should have viewed the seizure of frozen assets more favorably. it is expected that The West has frozen Russian assets worth about $300 billion.

Russia announces response

The Kremlin has repeatedly warned that if Western countries get their hands on Russian assets, they will do so In response, Moscow will take the same action against the assets of Western companies Located in Russia. This was recently confirmed by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who added that Russia would challenge any seizures in the courts.

– If something is confiscated from us, we will think about what to confiscate and we will do it immediately – said the Kremlin spokesman, quoted by rp.pl.

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