United States of America.  The five-year-old girl was playing with her mother’s phone.  I ordered 10 motorcycles and 10 pairs of shoes

When Jessica let her five-year-old daughter play on her phone, the woman had no idea what the decision would cost. The assertive girl had no intention of playing with the smartphone at all. I went to the Amazon website and made a big purchase. I ordered 10 children’s motorcycles, a small car and 10 pairs of shoes.

Lily from Massachusetts asked her mom to make a call while they were driving together. The request did not surprise Jessica at all, because the girl loves to play on the machine.

Secret shopping

You might forget the case quickly, if it weren’t for the phone call that woke you up at two in the morning. The caller informed her that the order was being processed at Amazon. The woman thought something was wrong or her account was hacked, so she logged into her profile on the platform.

It turned out that her account was loaded with more than 3.9k. dollar. The drawing was 10 pink and blue children’s off-road motorcycles, a children’s jeep and 10 pairs of shoes.

Lila bought the bikes from two different dealers, one of whom immediately sent an order confirmation email. Fortunately, Jessica was able to cancel the deal as well as order the shoe. It was too late for the second dealer and the bikes arrived at the woman’s house in the morning. Two days later, the car was also delivered.

In the end, Jessica was able to return all of the items and get her money back.

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This is not the first time

Jessica said the five-year-old had no regrets at all, saying she wanted these things and she got them.

It also turned out that this was not the girl’s first secret purchase. Previously, a five-year-old placed an order to have a package of lip gloss delivered to her home before Christmas.

The girl’s mother confirms that she and her partner talk to their daughter about her secret purchases and the value of money.


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