The German far right is creating a new faction.  Media: Among his partners is a party from Poland

According to a German newspaper, an employee of the Alternative for Germany party in the European Parliament asked the European Parliament administration on Friday to book a meeting for him on June 27 in Room 10, where – as he wrote – “the founding meeting of the new parliamentary group” is scheduled to be held. “. In the letter, the AfD employee asked to provide food for a two-hour meeting of about 100 people.

According to Spiegel, this indicates that the Alternative for Germany party is planning to create a new far-right faction in the European Parliament. The newspaper reports that at the end of May, shortly before the European elections, the Alternative for Germany party was excluded from the far-right group “Identity and Democracy” (ID) in the European Parliament.

“Since then, the AfD has been looking for a new option, because it cannot do much in the European Parliament alone. However, to create its own parliamentary group, it needs at least 23 MPs from seven countries. The AfD He himself has 15 seats in the European Parliament,” Spiegel wrote.

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The Alternative for Germany party creates a new faction in the European Parliament. We know what will be on her program

The basis of the new faction’s program is the so-called Sofia Declaration, published in April by the Bulgarian nationalist and anti-European party Vazrazhdani. The Declaration states, among other things, that European civilization is “threatened by the aggression of global ideologies,” that the right of nations to self-determination is “replaced by the dictatorship of bureaucracy,” and that peace negotiations are necessary in relation to war. In Ukraine – reports “Der Spiegel”.

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