“Voice”: “Jonathan is solid, he knows where he's going!”  – Roxanne Bruneau

Roxanne Bruno praised her top 10 finaliste the season the voiceJonathan Hout.

The young native of Thetford, who the coach fondly calls her “pop star”, we spoke to you about ICI And Still hereCrossover managed to eliminate Priscilla Findlay in the semi-finals and is now in the finals.

Jonathan Haut and his coach Roxanne Bruno, the young singer won after the cross semi-final.


Jonathan Haut and his coach Roxanne Bruno, the young singer won after the cross semi-final.

Roxanne was impressed by the evolution of the 23-year-old artist, who removed several flourishes from her spotlight collection. Fewer gestures, improved articulation and open eyes while singing represent significant changes in the life of the young father and member of boy band Story.

“He's the one I left with the most stage experience. That's why I chose Jonathan. He's used to being in A Boys band, he had some things to work on in terms of on-stage pronunciation and gestures. But that was all. He is a handsome, charismatic man and sings well. That's why I wanted to take it as long as possible,” said Roxanne Bruno in an interview.


“I think Jonathan is ready for a career, he's solid, he knows where he's going.”

We felt that Roxane Bruneau might have picked Andrew in the qualifiers, but she preferred Jonathan. “I hate these selections enough. Andrew is a voice, a soul, an icon, and I love him, but it's still a game between coaches to get to the finals. The selection is among the most experienced. Who can I trust, rain or shine.” Andrew on stage There were fewer hours of experience,” he said.

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