Vital Heinen couldn’t stand it.  And after the tournament in Lodz, he started shooting in his own style.  “no feelings”

Fight for promotion to Olympic Games in Paris It continued until the final round of the qualifying tournament held in Łódź. First, they earned the right to perform in the French capital The Americans who defeated the Germans. A few hours later, Polish women joined the US representatives and won Decisive clash with the Italians.

In total, each team played seven matches – the Germans won four of them, beating Thailand, Colombia and South Korea And Slovenia. Heinen players, like other teams, played their matches In just nine daysWhich did not satisfy the Belgian. Former Polish coach He talked about it after the match against the Americans.

This formula is terrible. How many matches have you played without any meaning… Were you here this morning? That’s right – there are games that even you don’t attend. If you combine the women’s and men’s Olympic qualifiers, approximately 170 matches were played in 15 days. Who will watch it?

~ Raad, quoted by TVP Sport.

Vital Heinen thunders: I really don’t like this formula

According to Heinen, many games are “played for no reason.” Despite this, players must give “one hundred percent” in each of them.

He added: “I am happy that we were able to avoid injuries during these seven matches, but now the volleyball players have to go directly to the clubs. After nine days, they played seven matches.” This is definitely too much. I really don’t like this formula. “It’s bad for both players and volleyball.”

Let us remind you that the European women’s national team season began in earnest at the end of last May, when the European Nations League began. Later, the leading teams competed in the European Championships, and the long season culminated in the qualifying tournaments for the Olympics.

According to Heinen, since the national team’s season is very busy, more emphasis should be placed on it Save the power of players And the coaches. “I’m very tired. He pointed out that one of the coaches in France will join the team after the start of the league matches.

After the national team season ends, volleyball players will not have much time to rest. Polish clubs compete in the Torun Liga, in which most of Lavarini’s players play. They start on October 7th. Also at the beginning of next month, matches will begin in Germany and Italy, where they play, among other countries. Joanna Wołosz and Olivia Rozanski.

This is how commentators reacted to Polish volleyball players advancing to the Olympic Games. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Vital Henin/Andrzej Wanda/Eastern News/East News

Vital Henin/ Pap/Grzegorz Michalowski/PAP

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