Michniewicz sues Jadczak.  The defender of "The Barber" was chosen as its commissioner by the Polish representation

In recent days, Wirtualna Polska He published an article in which the author, Shimon Gadjak, described Michenewicz’s connections to “Fraser” in the years 2003-2006.By obligating them, among other things, with the fact that during the 11 meetings of the Lech under the leadership of Mitchnowitz there was corruption or attempted corruption.

In this way, I reheated the topic, which resurfaced after so many years at the end of January, when Michniwich He was introduced as the new coach of the Polish national team. Then, at the first press conference, he clashed sharply with Jadczak And then already on the pages of Sport.pl he announced that he would refer the case to court. The case will go to the lawyers, and I won’t let it go. Michniewicz said afterwards.

Michniewicz sues Jadczak for defamation

This will also happen eventually, but only after Szymon Jadczak’s latest publication in Wirtualna Polska. Meanwhile, the Polish national team managed to be promoted to World Championship In Qatar and to score four points in four Nations League matches with Governor ±The Netherlands and Belgium.

– On behalf of the coach, I will file an indictment under Article 212, that is, defamation. It is a private trial crime. Mr Jadczak accuses coach Michenewicz of corruption and match-fixing without any evidence. The call records themselves cannot indicate a crime – Defender Piotr Kruszyński says “Fakt”.

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– The fact that Mr. Chislaw Michenewicz spoke with Mr. Vorbrich is not evidence of corruption. That is why we are introducing a criminal defamation trial and Mr. Szymon Jadczak will have the opportunity to prove his allegations in court – adds Mukhtar’s attorney.

Michniewicz’s choice is shocking. His attorney will be the “Fryzjera” attorney.

More controversial than Michniewicz’s suit is his choice of attorney. It soon turns out that he will be represented by the same person who was … Barber’s lawyer.

It was lawyer Piotr Kruszyński who defended Ryszard Forbrich in court, who was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for his involvement in corruption in Poland. the ball. Then Kruszyński played down the effect of “Fryzjer” on the entire procedure.

“More than a decade ago, lawyer Piotr Kruszyński absurdly defended the interests of the hairdresser.” “He wasn’t the mastermind behind the whole case,” he said. Prosecutors attacked. Talk about absurdity and shock ”- journalist Weszło Jan Mazurek wrote on Twitter, recalling Kruszyński’s controversial statements.

Kruszyński’s choice is sure to add fuel to the massive fire that has recently arisen in this matter. considering that Czeslav Michenewicz Fighting primarily for his good name and image, he may have the opposite effect and the opposite effect even before the trial begins, pushing her decision into the background. Because already during the trial, Kruszyński’s merit was that he definitely knew everything about the issue of corruption in Polish football.

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