Nightmare in rehab.  There were shortages of food, medicine and personnel

The Zemanow Rehabilitation Center was understaffed and patients were not receiving the care they needed. There were times when there was a shortage of medicines and even food for them. The cost of a month’s stay was 30,000 PLN. Zloty. Today the facility is closed. The management is not willing to return the money to the patients, and the former employees are behind on their salaries. The prosecution is initiating proceedings against her. “Intervention” article.

The Rehabilitation Center in Zemanow built its reputation on its association with the hospital in Konstance. Patients paid between PLN 10,000 and PLN 30,000 for their stay at the facility. Zloty. Monthly, paid in advance. However, the quality of care was significantly different from norms. Patients complained of poor care and lack of rehabilitation.

Employees have not received their salaries for months. Eventually, the facility was closed. However, the administration does not want to compensate patients for the costs incurred. Meanwhile, the Public Prosecution is investigating the death of a person undergoing treatment at the center.

Patients’ nightmare: lack of food and medicine. Drunk employees

Since the beginning of this year, there have been problems with the salaries of the center’s employees. Talks with management were fruitless, and almost all employees left in June. One of the centre’s former caregivers estimated the debt owed to staff at more than PLN 300,000. Zloty.

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Patients suffered from everything. It happened that they did not receive food and often ran out of medicine. There was a shortage of doctors in the facility. Some employees came to the center drunk – a cook and a physiotherapist. Management was informed of everything, but they did nothing about it.

The position was closed and the funds disappeared

Ultimately, the position was closed overnight. It is not known who made the decision. Families of patients were informed of the need to accompany their loved ones. The fact that someone has paid for their stay for the next few months doesn’t matter.

The director of the center did not want to speak to Interencia journalists, and also banned the publication of her photo. – I wanted to inform you not to look for excitement where there is none – she said while filming the reportage.

Death of patients of the center in Zemanov

The center’s workers admit that patients died while working there.

– It is difficult for me to say how many, we went through a period when five patients died within a month – says physiotherapist Magdalena Slezhanowska to the “Interwinsia” correspondent.

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The employee recalls how when the patient died, there was no doctor in the facility, and there were no nurses and caregivers. Physiotherapists tried to save the patient and performed resuscitation until the ambulance arrived.

This issue is being handled by the services

Related services dealt with the issue of poor patient care at the center in Shimane. The Patient Ombudsman promised to take the necessary measures to clarify the situation, and Mazovia Governorate removed the center from the commercial register. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Piaśechno has been conducting preparatory measures in this case since May.

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