January 30, 2023


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The Russians won after FIFA's unexpected decision.  "Take a Break!"  football

The Russians won after FIFA’s unexpected decision. “Take a Break!” football

– You can breathe! good news! And to some extent, an unexpected decision. I expected it to be worse. Cute – good! – said the deputy in the State Duma Nikolai ValuevWhich responded in this way to the information received on Thursday that FIFA does not intend to suspend the membership of the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation.

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– To compare who is he? We present the IOC as a living example of political commitment, and in contrast, we take FIFA where our cause has demonstrated freedom sports From politics – added the former world boxing champion.

Russians talk about justice. ‘Worst case scenario not materialized’

According to the Russian newspaper “Sport Express”, “The 72nd Congress International Football Association (FIFA) It could have had dire consequences for Russia. However, the worst-case scenario did not materialize – our position in the organization has not changed. ”

The Russians’ fears arose from this when an item on the agenda of the annual meeting was: “Suspend membership or exclusion from the Assembly.” Sport Express adds that it was initially supposed to be the Zimbabwe and Kenya Football Associations, which were temporarily excluded from FIFA membership due to government interference in their affairs.

FIFA bowed to the Nazis. Ukrainians angered after the conference

However, due to the lack of additional information, it cannot be excluded that the sanctions will also affect the RFU. – Of course, like any question that may arise during the discussion. I would not like that to happen. We don’t think we’ve done anything to discuss this. We hope and believe in the best scenario,” said Alexei Sorokin, a member of the Russian delegation to the Sports.ru portal.

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During the discussion of the fourth point in the conference, the suspension of membership in three National Federations: Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Kenya was voted on by a majority of votes, and the question of suspending Russia was not even raised. The Russians can breathe a sigh of relief. “Russia still You will remain a part of the global football ecosystem, ”- commented on the Sports.ru portal.

“The anti-Russian madness is waning.” They are victorious in Russia

“I am glad that FIFA does not focus on politics, but makes decisions according to the law,” Vyacheslav Koloskov, Honorary President of the Russian Federation, quoted by Sport Express, said. – This is a sign of respect for the rules of sports, the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation. Apparently, our representatives also influenced the fact that this issue was not on the agenda. Now we have to restore the possibility of participating in international competitions from next season – Nashed.

Boris Bagkin, a member of the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the Russian State Duma, went further in his opinion. “FIFA’s refusal to consider the issue of Russia’s denial of membership shows that the anti-Russian madness in the international community is waning,” he said.

FIFA PresidentAnd the Gianni InfantinoHe was always a diplomat and maintained friendly relations with Russia. He also stressed at the conference that the former World Championship It was excellent, and the Russian Federation was not excluded from FIFA.” Toy“” – commented the daily “Sport Express”.

Gianni InfantinoFIFA suspends three members, but Russia’s Infantino waived two penalties

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The FIFA Congress is a great opportunity to network with representatives of football associations from all over the world and with FIFA. Despite external pressures, the federation managed to maintain professional relations with its colleagues, said Alexander Aliyev, the federation’s general secretary who headed his delegation to the congress. “The Russian Federation remains part of the football family, but at the same time it will certainly continue to defend our right to participate in international cup competitions,” he added.

Look: nowhere was it said about Russia’s disqualification or suspension of membership. string. A member of the Ethics Committee of the Russian Federation and a former goalkeeper said that I am very happy that everything turned out like this today. SpartakAnzor Kavazashvili.

The official Russian language in FIFA. And the Russians commented: “And rightly so.”

As the Russians rightly point out, the fact that FIFA did not exclude Russia, but also approved the Russian language as the official language of the organization.

Previously, the organization’s documents used four languages ​​(English, German, Spanish and French). But before the Doha conference, it was proposed to add Arabic, Portuguese and Russian. 187 deputies voted “in favor” and 4 representatives voted “against.”

Qatar WCup FIFABig scandal at the FIFA Congress. Qatar sank deeply in the face of the Norwegian woman when she spoke

“I am glad that the language of Dostoevsky and Pushkin has now approached football. With this gesture, FIFA emphasizes the importance of the Russian side to the football family, but not directly,” wrote Gus Chernov, journalist from Sport Express.

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– Russian has always been officially recognized by the United Nations and UNESCO, as well as by many other international organizations. It is spoken by 258 million people. So, surprisingly, FIFA has only now found our way into our language. By the way, the organization’s website has long been available in Russian, but now it will be preserved with official documents. ”

All this only shows that the FIFA Congress was a great victory for Russia and a great embarrassment for the world football organization. Gianni Infantino and others, despite their empty words, were only able for a moment to show that they were indeed opposed Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. In the end, the 52-year-old Swiss’s love for Russian and Arab money came back again.