Vince McMahon wanted a split on The New Day

Big E and Kofi Kingston are both on the injured bench, and Xavier Woods finds himself alone on New Day to enter the ring today. many times, Vince McMahon wanted to end the clan But the three New Day wrestlers have always struggled to stay together, and this is what Fightful reveals.

When Xavier Woods won the 2021 King of the Ring, the former WWE president proposed it.He made a heel turn on Kofi Kingston because “that’s what a king would have done,” but Woods firmly rejected the idea. He had done everything to prevent that from happening. A few months later, after Big E’s injury, Vince McMahon refused to call Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods “The New Day”, which lasted a few weeks.

During the last WWE drafts, Vince McMahon wanted the trio to split up before reconsidering his decision and preferring to see Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods together. Finally, the US source mentions that Vince McMahon had already proposed an idea to split The New Day after Coffeemania, but at the time the Clan was struggling to stay together … and it always worked.

Photo credit: WWE

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