The director of Telefilm Canada is stepping down

Christa Dickenson, who has been head of the organization for more than four years, is stepping down as Managing Director and CEO of Telefilm Canada. A decision is “difficult to make”, but motivated by a “sense of duty fulfilled”.

Released at 3:30 p.m.

Marisa Groguhe

Marisa Groguhe

“There has been an incredible and significant change in recent years,” the director notes, leaving his place on September 9th. Christa Dickenson says it bluntly: Implementing only one mandate as head of state organization has always been a question for her. “It’s important to accommodate others and get a good change,” he says.

After the big challenges, she feels successful, it’s time to cross the torch and look for new opportunities (she can not talk about it at the moment). What is his goal when he takes office in the summer of 2018? “Update [Téléfilm] She responds. “We have modified our plans to remove access barriers. These are changes we made after consulting the industry.”

Over the past four years, under the leadership of Christa Dickenson, Telefilm has embarked on the largest pan-Canadian consulting on the success code and development program and the Talent to Watch project. An additional Rs 105 million has been provided by the government over a three-year period. For meMe Dickenson, it is important to establish a durable foundation. For example, “We have a third language team through which creators with projects in a language other than French, English or Indigenous languages ​​can submit their work. This will change a lot of things for future submissions, ”he notes.

One challenge that no one expected was epidemic and its catastrophic consequences in industry. Telefilm now manages short-term compensation funds for Canadian audiovisual productions and has received additional funding to support the recovery of the arts and culture industry.

“One thing I am proud of domestically is that we have achieved gender equality,” she said.Me Dickenson. It was a huge win for the team as a whole. This team, he continues to praise. “We have more than 200 experts in telefilm,” he says.

If she is to give only one piece of advice to the person following her, it is always necessary to “ask” these experts, but also to the industry. “As we did with Covit-19, you have to listen to them and be willing to make changes if necessary. That is what ultimately strengthened us.”

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