Johnny Holiday's Harley Davidson set a record at auction

Johnny Holiday’s famous Harley-Davidson “Laura Ice” sold for 47 470,840 at a retromobile show in Paris on Friday evening. An achievement.

Legendary Harley-Davidson “Laura Ice” Johnny Holiday At the Retromobile Show in Paris on Friday evening, it was priced at 47 470,840, a record for a post – war brand motorcycle, according to ArtCurial House. The bike, valued at between 50,000 50,000 and 250 250,000, was the subject of a ten-minute battle between bidders before being offered to an anonymous buyer for 0 470,840.

This Softail Heritage 1340 model, piloted by a French singer during a “road trip” to the United States in 1990, gained a new lease of life in France, changing from orange and black to electric blue, following a complete transformation in Cannes. Presented to the star by Universal Music Pascal Negrae, and renamed in honor of rocker Laura Smett’s daughter, Harley became the mechanical star of the 1995 clip “I Can’t Stop Loving You” (Album Rough Down). . In 1998, he entered the State de France with him for an anthology concert.

Shortly before the show, the motorcycle was sold to a French fan during a competition organized by Johnny and his recording company. The lucky winner will hold it for 23 years. The seller made a donation of 20% of the price to the La Phone Edoil Association, created by the widow of singer Laticia Holiday.

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Last September, several fans and about 150 “bikers” flew to Paris to pay their respects to the singer, almost four years after he died. On this occasion, a work by Bertrand Lavier was released (and variously appreciated): the 6-meter statue erected near Percy became a mast in the shape of a guitar neck, with Harley-Davidson above.

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