Macron raises the retirement age by bypassing parliament, risking a crisis and a decline in confidence in the government

The decision to adopt pension reform without a vote in the National Assembly will further weaken public confidence, both in President Emmanuel Macron and in Elizabeth Born’s government, which is already low, said Amanda Dzyubinska, an analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs. (PISM).

“Shock”, “chaos”, “anger and frustration”. French reactions to the desire to raise the retirement age “strongly”

The French government has become weak and isolated after the announcement of a “forced” implementation of pension reform bypassed Parliament, according to the French …

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Pension reform is a major reform for President Macron. The analyst said that a large part of the election campaign before his second term was based on it. “Macron assumed he had the mandate to implement it,” she added.

On Thursday, the government announced that it would use Art. 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows you to skip voting in the National Assembly, The lower house of the French parliament adopts a controversial reform that raises the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Protests grow

Government representatives had previously emphasized that their aim was to achieve adoption of the reform in the normal way. However, at the final stage, they were not sure if enough MPs would vote for her in the National Assembly.

The analyst reminded that it is not the first time that the government has resorted to this article of the constitution. However, according to Dziubińska, in this case it is different, because Citizens showed great rejection of the pension reform project.

Hot in France. Depriving parliament of voting on reforming the pension system

The French government decided to use art. 49.3 of the Constitution, which gives him the opportunity to adopt the reform of the pension system without subjecting the project to it …

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– The increase in protests must be taken into account, which will benefit the opposition, especially the far right, – said Dziubenska. According to her, the trade unions will want to take advantage of the fact that the government and the president are resorting to solutions that From the point of view of parliamentary democracy controversial.

A vote of no confidence

Far-right Marine Le Pen announced that she will submit a motion of no confidence in the government. – The scenario of the collapse of the government as a result of a vote of no confidence seems unlikely – Dziubińska assesses.

On Wednesday, during another day of protests against pension reform, street turnout was much lower than on March 7, when there were nationwide protests, according to authorities..28 million people (3.5 million according to trade unions).. However, the CTU announced more strikes and protests against the reform and the manner in which it was adopted in the near future.

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