Will DOOM return to the Xbox Game Show?  New rumors revive the hope of ID show fans

Perhaps more is going on in the Microsoft camp recently than in the first decade of Phil Spencer’s reign. In addition to acquisitions, layoffs, and contradictory data, we’re also getting more and more information about upcoming games!

Last night, we broke the news that critically anticipated and long-awaited Microsoft products, such as State of Decay 3 and the Perfect Dark reboot, will be showcased at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase. The next day brings us even better revelations, because it may turn out that during the June presentation we will see the announcement of the new DOOM, or perhaps another new project from id Software.

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This information is provided by Tom Warren of The Verge itself, who wrote in his typical style that Xbox is planning to show off a new DOOM soon, and used a bit of a play on words:

Microsoft will be banking on some new game announcements to raise DOOM around Xbox.

This more or less means that Microsoft is counting on announcing a new game that will take care of all the chaos that has arisen around the Xbox brand, and since the word “doom” in English perfectly describes the current state of the Microsoft brand, it was nicely woven into his statement. It’s been 4 years since DOOM Eternal was released, so it’s time for a new project from id Software.

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