Use your thoughts to control things?  Metamaterials will make you feel like you're in the Matrix movie

Matrix fans will be happy because they are crazy A vision of the world guided by ideas From their favorite movie may soon turn into a reality. The heroes of the Wachowski family’s iconic work manage to influence the environment around them, including the behavior of any objects, with the power of their minds. Scientists are convinced that this will become possible when the new technology becomes popular. All thanks to the so-called The latest generation of metamaterialsIt will be able to receive the waves sent by the human brain.

What is “Paranormal materialIn short, they are technically advanced materials with unique atomic structures that act as antennas to detect even the smallest electromagnetic waves. then convert it to electric impulse.

Paranormal material looks like a little A mesh with holes of several hundred nanometers. The wonderful characteristic is that It can refract and reflect the direction of visible light in any way designers plan to. what does that mean? A person wearing a cloak made of a supernatural substance might theoretically become invisible from the environment.

Scientists have long proven that he is a human The brain is a wonderful transmitterEvery thought makes it come out of our heads A precise signal in the form of an electromagnetic wavej. Just amplify it and download it to that computer It will read our “thought” and convert it into a command for any device. This is the first step to controlling things with just your mind. Chinese scientists are convinced that the technology “dead surface” It will only allow people to communicate their thoughts. If two people have receivers equipped with “superficial surfaces‘, then they would be able to communicate without words – only by means of ideas. And this, in turn, would mean a real revolution. Driving a car with the mind would become trivial, and we would be able to do away with TV remote controls. It is enough to think about turning on our favorite channel, and the superficial will receive the signal that our brain sends and this is exactly what will happen.

in the magazine Optical Express Material Scientists presented the results of a microchip test with “super substanceMade in a laboratory. The radio waves sent by the transmitter are converted by super substance in the electric current. Even such a small PCB was able to generate enough power to power the miniature devices.

But scientists in China and Singapore have gone further. They built a highly sensitive receiver using “super substance”, which was able to record the magnetic waves sent by the human brain. Then a special algorithm could read it and convert it into a command. Then it was sent by the module Bluetooth on selected devices. The effect far exceeded their wildest expectations – mind control of things around you like in the movie the matrix It turns out it is possible. This technology is still in its infancy and it is scary to think how soon it could change our world.

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