February 1, 2023


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Blanca Lipesca showed a shot with her lover! You probably know him from the movie “365 Days: This Day.”

With the increasing popularity of the Polish erotic saga, the media are becoming more and more interested in the private life of the author of “365 days”. It had a great influence on her Blanca Lipinskaabout which he spoke quite frankly, and the relationship with him baron They announced on Instagram, posting a picture of them together. However, Lipińska paid dearly for this – there are still questions about the music, even though their relationship only lasted a few months and they broke up more than two years ago.

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Blanca Lipinska on social media

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Blanca Lipinska posted a photo with her lover. However, it did not appear

The author of the books apparently does not want to go through it again, nor does she intend to speak publicly about her new love. When in August this year The paparazzi caught an exchange of tenderness with a mysterious manThe whole issue She briefly commented that she was happy and doing well.

Decisions not to appear in public with a new partner, Blanca Lipińska has been consistent for several months now. December 31, author of “365 Days” However, she added on Instagram A picture of him holding the hand of his girlfriend. However, the picture only shows the silhouettes of the lovers’ shadows.

Thank you 2022, for the wonderful learning you have brought with you, for all the travels, for the people you have met and for so much learning (…). Thank you for the love you let me experience – farewell to the past year, I wrote in the post.

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It so happened that Blanca Lipinska appeared in public with her lover on the wall, but – as she later explained – the photo was sent to the media by mistake. She was chosen by designer Bowie Barika, who also played a very small episode in Movie 365 days: this day. Lipinska doesn’t say much about her partner, but if she makes an exception, then He talks about it in superlatives. When Barty asks her what won her heart, she answers very eloquently.

Everything no other man has ever had before him! But I will not talk about my love life or my partner. I commented, let it be enough for you that everything is fine with me.

Do you think Lipinska will remain silent about this relationship?