For this role, Samuel L. Jackson could have won an Oscar.  We don’t see the best scene in the movie
Almost 200 film and television roles and the status of one of the most popular modern actors are not enough for an Oscar statuette. Honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an honorary Oscar recipient, Samuel L. Jackson has never been awarded for a single role. In a recent interview, the actor mentioned a moment when he thought he was the closest to receiving the film industry’s most prestigious award. However, the editors got in the way.

Samuel L Jackson could have won an Oscar. But the best cut scene

In an interview with Vulture, Jackson admitted that since filming began, “killing timeDirected by Joel Schumacher, I felt like a ticket to a great career. All that changed when the actor saw the finished film. It was like they didn’t want me to get an Oscar the actor wondered. The Carl Lee Healy movie, the killer defended by Matthew McConaughey’s character, wasn’t allowed to show his motives in a particular Jackson scene.

On the first day on set, I was in a room with another actor and I was supposed to do a monologue. When I finished filming, the entire film crew was in tears Jackson remembers. I said to myself, “Well, things are going wellBut this scene did not make it into the movie! Today I know why. It wasn’t my movie, I wasn’t supposed to be the star of it.

The actor admitted that this has happened a few times in his other projects. In the end, he admitted that after a while he understood why such moments were excluded from the films. There are moments in my work when I have to ask: Why did I remove this moment? Because this moment in the project is bigger than the entire movie.

Jackson described working on the role of the killer in A Time to Kill as being carefully designed with his character in mind. By killing him, he was showing his daughter that the people who had wronged her would never harm her again. This is how the character was played, we shot scenes that showed exactly that, but they were cut in the editing. In the movie, it appears that I killed these men and planned my every move to avoid punishment. I saw it on screen and I was sitting there thinking, “What the hell is this?” – said the Oscar-nominated actor for the memorable role of Jules in Pulp Fiction

“A time to kill” – the plot of the film

In the southern United States, blacks are treated by whites as they were in the time of Gone with the Wind. A father (Samuel L. Jackson) executes the rapist of his ten-year-old daughter. He is defended in court by an enthusiastic young lawyer (Matthew McConaughey) who is backed up by a brilliant law student (Sandra Bullock) and an experienced defenseman from Donald (Duelin). In the “Southern” command, the plaintiff (Kevin Spacey). The duel moves beyond the courtroom walls. Human life, dignity, superstition, racism, and justice hang in the balance of Themis. Both sides are determined to prove their point.

Trailer for the movie “A Time to Kill”

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