February 3, 2023


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UOKiK Orange obligated to pay compensation to customers

UOKiK Orange obligated to pay compensation to customers

Yukik He was receiving messages from Orange customers who were surprised by the high bills and did not know the reason for the charges.

Reports showed that the services were unconsciously activated – by pressing the so-called flash SMS, a link on a website, an advertisement in a mobile game, as well as using a SIM card in the router. We examined how these services are activated, the rules for adding fees to the bill for this content and responses to complaints

– said Tomasz Crostiny, President of UOKiK.

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UOKiK has looked into Orange .’s practices

UOKiK procedures relate to the following:

  • Non-telecommunication services offered by Orange (activated, among other things, via quick SMS notifications and clicking on the “Accept” button by the consumer after receiving them). It relates to the following services: “Where is the child”, “Protection of children in the network”, “Orange navigation”, “CyberTarcza” and “Secure PESEL”,
  • Third-party services paid by the operator using “Order with Orange” (the so-called direct billing, in which the fee is automatically added to the invoice). These are, for example, GAMEMINE, KidzInMine and VIDIX.mobi.

More information from the state on Home page of Gazeta.pl

Most of the services were subscription services and the fees were, for example, PLN 7.98 / month or even PLN 14.99 / week. In the proceedings, UOKiK questioned the lack of indication that clicking on the ‘Agree’ button meant an order to pay, the failure to confirm the terms of the contract to a permanent intermediary (this practice was discontinued in the course of the proceedings in November 2020) or to provide incomplete responses to complaints.

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Orange will pay compensation to customers

UOKiK decided that orange You will have to pay compensation to customers whose unwanted service has been activated. This applies to persons who have inadvertently paid additional paid services and non-communication services. Compensation will be double the amount the prices activated content. Previous customers can also apply for compensation. Complaints must be submitted to the company in this regard, and the details of obtaining them can be found in the decision of the Competition and Consumer Protection Office at this is the address.

In addition, complaints are now dealt with in a more transparent way – the answer is to contain information about how the bill is calculated, the name of the activated service, information about who provides it, how to activate and deactivate. and the possibility of blocking.

It also required UOKiK Orange to stop using it flash short message-which – which