Euronet set a “trap” for customers.  The case is being investigated by the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau

We wrote about the changes to ATM screens at the beginning of December. Euronet decided to update the interface, which could turn into a real “trap” for careless or hasty customers. Only two options appear on the screens of some ATMs: “PLN withdrawal and balance” and “Other services”. By clicking on this first option, you will be charged to check the account balance. If someone only wants to withdraw cash, they should choose “Other services”.

There was an uproar on social media, and nervous customers began to wonder whether the new system was misguided.

The case was handled by the Competition and Consumer Protection Bureau. It will check what changes have been made to Euronet’s ATM interface and whether consumers are aware of them.

– We would like to remind you that the design of the interfaces that consumers deal with cannot be misleading and cannot lead them to make decisions that are negative for them and bear the financial consequences – the Competition and Consumer Protection Office noted in information for the portal.

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