Good news for retirees.  In February, seniors will receive their tax refunds for the 13th and 14th.  The tax office will refund the tax charged.  Check how much?

Pensioners who earn less than 2.5 thousand PLN per month will receive a refund of the PIT tax imposed on the 13th and 14th pensions. It's good news. The tax office will pay out the money in February 2024. The table shows what these amounts will be. Check the details!

In 2023, retirees and pensioners will receive the thirteenth pension for the fifth time. The thirteenth pension is at the minimum pension amount applicable as of March 1 of a given year. In 2023, it amounted to PLN 1,588.44 (gross).
In turn, the value of the additional cash benefit – the so-called 14th pension – amounts to a total of PLN 2,650. This amount was given to people whose total pension or annual pension does not exceed PLN 2,900. But this does not mean that retirees and disability pensioners who receive benefits of greater value will not receive the 14th pension. Above this amount, the “PLN for PLN” principle applies.

The good news for pensioners is that at the beginning of 2024, some of them will receive a refund from the tax office of the PIT tax levied on the 13th and 14th pensions. The money was collected due to the form of tax regulations, although in many cases it was known, as reports, that “thirteen” and “fourteen” payments would be included in the tax-free annual amount of Polish zloty. 30,000 total.

Find out what retirees will get from their tax refund, check here

The tax-free amount of PLN 30,000 is valid from 2022. No household tax is charged on these dividends and interest. This translates into a total of PLN 2,500 per month – and this – as the radio station points out – is the problem that has caused some of their “thirteen” senior citizens to have their allowances reduced. If the sum of the basic pension and the thirteenth pension is higher than PLN 2,500, an advance payment of PIT is collected on the surplus exceeding this limit. The 14th pension was always taxed because it totaled PLN 2,650, which itself exceeds the monthly tax-free amount.

In many cases, even after adding the “thirteenth” amount totaling PLN 1,588.44 in 2023 and the “fourteenth” amount totaling PLN 2,650 to the annual income of the elderly, the amount in the end was less than PLN 30,000. Retirees affected by this situation are entitled to a refund of the advance payment collected by the tax office.
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