“Unjustified additional fees.”  Businessmen are appealing to the government

The “My Wind Power Plant” program provides subsidies for wind turbines up to 30 meters high and with a capacity of up to 50 kilowatts. The financing amount is up to PLN 30,000. PLN (up to 50 percent of costs). The program has a budget of PLN 400 million.

Experts are skeptical

Experts and entrepreneurs criticize the program's assumptions and call on decision-makers to cancel it. They stress that the public consultation on the subsidy assumptions was very short (it ended on February 6 of this year). They add that this type of windmill has not gained much popularity and is not widely used in any European country.

Moreover, entrepreneurs see the program as unjustified and not based on comprehensive analyses.

– We consider the launch of such a huge public support (PLN 400 million), very generous (up to 50 percent of costs), with the help of hasty public consultations that were only announced at the stage of the ready draft program and, among other things, said Jan Ruszkowski, The expert in the Leviathan Union said that the most urgent needs are premature and based on non-transparent and unjustified foundations.

Levitan points out that implementing the program in this way carries a high risk of failure. The environmental goals set by its authors will most likely not be achieved. In addition, there may be allegations of mismanagement and ineffectiveness in the management of public funds. The program also poses a “risk to the reputation of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, the Ministry of Climate and Environment, and Poland as one of the largest beneficiaries of the Modernization Fund.”

Experts suggest suspending the program and conducting in-depth research and public consultations. They also announced their full readiness to join the work on creating it from scratch.

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