Norman Brathwaite, Guy A.  LePage and Les “Fake News”

A Big Scandal at Radio-Canada, Guy A. Did you see this ad on Facebook about a big fight between LePage and Norman Brathwaite? This is a scam! The main person involved, Normand Brathwaite, is “In Tabar***” and urges you not to fall into the trap. But honestly, looking at this ad, it's so obvious that it's a lie, I wonder who would believe it to be true.

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Fake news

This ad aims to get $300 from you to buy bitcoins. Pres (With the actual logo of this newspaper). The title is fantastic. “Major scandal: ICI Télé management refuses to comment on its employee Guy A. Lepage”.

Guy A. You should already know because you are not an “employee” of Radio-Canada. But the first paragraph of this fake newspaper text is completely delusional: “During the live broadcast Everyone is talking about it, host hand A. A serious scandal broke out between LePage and guest Norman Brathwaite. During a heated debate, Guy A. LePage questioned the veracity of Norman Brathwaite's comments, calling him a liar in front of a live audience of thousands. In response to this incident, Guy A. Refusing to comment on Lepage's situation and behavior, the television channel management decided to take the interview off the air.

Seriously? Anyone read this and believe it? Guy A. in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Do you really think Norman will be called a liar and the show will disappear from the air with a wave of a magic wand? But we are swimming in surrealism within the text, if ever there are gullible people who don't yet realize the fraud.

Here is the conversation that allegedly took place: Guy A.: “You work so hard – it's hard to believe you're living on one paycheck! A year ago, you were driving an old car and living in a small apartment. How did you manage to change all that? Normand: “Has it been a year? It's like a past life for me! Today I live in a country house. A month ago I bought a rental flat and got rid of my old car a long time ago – now I drive a new Land Rover. Hahahahahahahaha! Norman Brathwaite, who drove an old car and lived in a small apartment? At least we can say these scammers have a sense of humor. People believed this grotesque scam and then clicked on a link that led them to pay $300 to buy bitcoins and become as rich as Normand… that makes me gag.

The Credulous

On Wednesday, at QUB, Normand Brathwaite told me: “I'm not afraid of artificial intelligence, I'm afraid of people using artificial intelligence.” And he added: “Instead of finding it funny, I'm starting to feel for Tabernacle, because you work your whole life to build a reputation. Their product, moreover, is garbage!

What is more shocking is that these unscrupulous companies are banking on the credibility of vulnerable people!

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