The authorities are not responsible for what happened in Afghanistan

After the rapid collapse of the government of Afghanistan and the occupation of the country by the Taliban, the western countries proceeded to evacuate their citizens and Afghan associates who had helped the soldiers of the allied countries for 20 years from their mission in this country.

Poland also participated in the evacuation of people from Kabul. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, during a press conference on Thursday, announced the end Evacuation carried out in Afghanistan. This was confirmed by Michao Dorczyk The situation is getting more difficult in Afghanistan. Most of Poland’s partners managed to evacuate.

Sikorsky on the situation in Afghanistan

The Afghanistan issue was devoted to the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on Thursday. The meeting was attended by the former Foreign Minister, Radoslav Sikorsky. – In this case, perhaps there is no fault of our authorities for what has happened now in Afghanistan – the assessment of the politician.

Poland cannot fail to participate in this process. We participated in it in a way that required risk and skill, let me remind you of Ghazni Governorate, our area of ​​responsibility was one of the most difficult. The former foreign minister said these were not comforts in the north among the Tajiks.

– I don’t know if you all noticed that the prison doors were opened. Of course, most of the imprisoned are of course the Taliban who might now be safe under the new regime, perhaps under the leadership of their new regime. But some unrepentant jihadists were imprisoned there, too. potential terrorists. Afghan parliamentarians with whom I held a conference far away, they conveyed to me in Brussels, I am here, I am not responsible for the quality of this information that the person who blew himself up at Kabul airport was just one of the jihadists. From Bagram prison – said Radoslav Sikorsky during a session of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate and the European Union.

Rao: The evacuation was successful

On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau Provide process details carried out by the Polish army. According to the data provided by the minister, more than 1,200 people have been evacuated from Kabul.

– As a result of this procedure, we were able to achieve 52 round-trip flights and transport 1232 people. The head of the State Department said that each of these trips requires multiple government approvals, and sometimes approvals from 9 countries for a single trip.

Rau stressed that Poland’s involvement in Afghanistan confirms the country’s position as a loyal ally. The evacuation was also successful due to the lack of loss of life.

– He said: “We persevered in Afghanistan until the end of our mission as a loyal and valuable ally.”

The minister added, “We were forced to withdraw from this mission, and this withdrawal led to a successful evacuation without loss of life.”

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