The drone passed over the erupting volcano Cumbre Vega.  Amazing video and photos

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volcano eruption old summit On the island of La Palma (Canary Islands), it has been in operation since 19 wrzenia There are many indications that it is slowly coming to an end. But over the past few weeks, the volcano has demonstrated the power of nature, destroying:in a. About 2.5 thousand buildings, hundreds of hectares of crops and everything in its immediate vicinity is covered with dust.

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The drone flew over the crater of the Cumber Vega volcano

We can now observe the strength of the volcano on a video recorded by the authors of Live Storms Media to track extreme weather events. The scenes were captured with a camera mounted on a drone that was orbiting almost directly above the crater. Photos of the volcano can be seen in the gallery of articles.

The video clearly shows how the volcano spews huge amounts of smoke, volcanic ash and lava every second. The eruption has been going on for seven weeks.

More information about the Cumbre Vieja eruption can be found on the . homepage

According to the latest information from Spanish volcanologists, the activity of Cumbre Vieja is slowly declining. It currently emits three times less sulfur dioxide than it did in October. On November 3, it was less than 10,000. Tons of this very harmful compound (daily).

still not Means This is the end of the eruption, which may last for several weeks. Seismologists estimate that it will be a period of several weeks to several months. La Palma volcano has erupted twice in the last century – in 1949 and 1971.

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