United States of America.  Biden interrupted his speech.  He said jokingly to himself

Joe Biden on Thursday delivered a speech in Belvidere, Illinois, regarding a tentative labor agreement following an ongoing nationwide strike started by the United Auto Workers union.

Joe Biden heard someone fall. “I want the press to know it’s not me.”

After his speech, a short recording was posted online, showing part of it. You can see there how Biden interrupted his speech after the audience heard a noise that sounded like a falling. The president immediately turned his head towards the source of the voice and responded by saying:

– All is well? – he asked, after a moment he added:

– I want the press to know that it wasn’t me – he said, causing a lively reaction from the audience, applause and laughter.

Then, to the cheers of the audience, he left the stage for a few seconds and did a short scene in which he pretended to trip and fall.

Biden stumbles as he exits the stage. Sandbag is guilty

Then, security guards moved quickly and helped him up, and Biden continued on his own. A short time later, the White House reported that the leader was unwell and had tripped over a sandbag that had been placed on the stage.

Biden’s series of failures. He joked that he was “in good shape”

More than a year ago, turn He fell off his bike while riding near his vacation home In Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA.

As reported at the time, he fell onto his side, landing on his elbow and knee. But the White House said Biden feels fine and does not need medical care.

source: Fox News, Interia

What he said on Guest Events: Kaczynski is the glue/Pulsat News/Pulsat News

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