The Polish general broke the taboo.  He talks about installing banned weapons on the border

– Poland and Lithuania's borders with Russia should be strengthened, and minefields should be laid now in peacetime. General Waldemar Skrzybczak said that during the war, it may be too late to build fortifications in the border areas.

The issue of using mines to defend Poland emerged as a result of the experience of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. During the fighting, it turned out that this was still a very effective way to defend key places.

Securing Poland's eastern borders with minefields will be part of the concept of the so-called Baltic Defense Line, i.e. the strategic defensive lines defending Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland against aggression by Russia and Belarus.

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One key “but”. The Ministry of National Defense clarifies the matter

According to this concept, the defense line consists of, among other things: anti-tank minefields, trenches, barbed wire and “dragon's teeth”. Although it's just a concept at the moment, there is one key 'but' to the whole story.

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