Colors of Happiness, Episode 2890: Marisia will die of longing for Clara, but Hubert will not abandon his daughter – pictures

“Colors of Happiness” Episode 2890 – Monday, November 27, 2023 at 10:20 on TVP2

In Episode 2890 of “Colors of Happiness”, Marisia’s longing for Clara will be felt again, because the girl will begin to experience a terrible separation from her mother. And after Asia is moving with them (Anna Gzira-Agustinovich) with Emil (Artem Malchuk) will feel it even more, because they will see with their own eyes how much Soklaska loves her son and fights for him when there is a danger of losing him. Very different from Birka who preferred to focus on herself and her career abroad instead of her family and completely forgot about her loved ones. This was because she was still interested in Maricia and tried to convince her daughter to live with her in America. But in Episode 2890 of “Colors of Happiness,” this will change…

In Episode 2890 of “Colors of Happiness”, Hubert will see his daughter suffering, but he will do nothing to help her. All because he is deeply afraid that if he lets his daughter go to the United States, he will never see her again, just like Clara, who was initially supposed to stay there for one project, and then accepted another project without consulting him, making her stay greatly extended. Although Earlier, Birka agreed to let Marisia go to her motherOnly in the company of Agata (Natalia Zambrzycka), who promised him that she would return her at any cost, which was not easy, because Klara had already tried to stop her. This is what Hubert will be afraid of again in Episode 2890 of “Colors of Happiness”, and he will tell Agata about it.

Especially since in Episode 2890 of “Colors of Happiness” there will be another terrible quarrel between the spouses, after which Hubert will stop talking to his wife. Asia will once again become a witness to the whole situation, and will begin to fear for Berki’s future. And she wouldn’t be wrong at all, because in Episode 2893 of “Colors of Happiness”, Clara will finally decide to isolate herself from her family and… He will file for divorce! She won’t have enough courage to tell her husband about it, because the lawyer Baszkowska (Olga Bonicek) will be hired! Hubert then begins to seriously fear that his wife might take his daughter from him, so he turns to Natalia (Maria Dejmic) for help. And Zwoleńska, who has experience in such matters, will of course agree to help him! But Birka will work on another front and with the help of Kipski (Jakub Sokolowski), she will appoint an investigator in the USA to follow Klara, hoping to obtain evidence of her betrayal! Especially since this would be of great importance to the court in the fight for her daughter!

Colors of happiness. Justin will lose the battle for Agata. He would feel comfortable in Marika’s arms

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