Union defeated GKS!  There will be the seventh match of the final

The Polish champion for the 2023/2024 season will be selected in the seventh match! In the sixth Re-Plast match, Unia Oświęcim confidently defeated GKS Katowice with a score of 5-0, even though they played with a knife at their throat.

Their fans would like to see Unia always look like this. Nik Zupančič's players, like a true boxer, outplayed Katowice, showing mature destruction and effective attacking play. Linus Lundin also performed well, being his team's strength and keeping his third clean sheet in the qualifying round.

Katowice will want to forget this match as soon as possible, because they made too many simple mistakes and went to the penalty box too often. In the 51st minute, Hampus Olsson committed an irresponsible mistake by hitting Karl Akeride in the thigh with his stick. For this play he received a major penalty and a match penalty. It cannot be ruled out that he will also be suspended for the final match of the final.

Coach Jacek Buchta did not change the winning lineup. Nik Zupančič had to make the decision to change lineups due to Erik Ahopelto's illness. Daniel Olsson Turkkulja returned to the lineup and was deployed in the fourth attack. However, the Swede only played a few roles.

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Re Plast Onia Oświęcim – GKS Katowice 5:0 (1:0, 2:0, 2:0)
1:0 Sebastian Kowaluca – Elliot Lauren, Andrej Deniskin (10:19),
2:0 Andrei Deniskin – Phil Heikkinen (25:23),
3:0 Kamil Sadlocha – Phil Heikkinen, Kale Valtula (35:27, 5/4),
4:0 Christian Dziubinski – Kamil Sadlucha, Phil Häkkinen (51:28, 5/4),
5:0 Karl Akeride – Elliot Lauren (54:49, 5/3).

Judging: Pawel Bryski, Pawel Kosidlo (leaders) – Slavomir Zacniewicz, Michal Jern (linemen).
Penalty minutes: 8-45.
Screenshots: 34-17.
Viewers: 4250.
Competition status (up to four wins): 3:3.
Next game: Sunday at 8:30pm in Katowice.

union: L. Lundin – R. Diukow, K. Jākobsons; A. Denyskin (2), K. Dziubiński, M. Kaleinikovas – K. Valtola, J. Uimonen; K. Sadłocha, V. Heikkinen, H. Karjalainen (4) – P. Bezuška, C. Ackered; S. Kowalówka, Ł.Krzemień, E. Lorraine (2) – M. Noworyta; J. Loza, D. Wanat, D. Olsson-Trkulja, and J. Soltis.
Coach: Nik Zupancic

GKS Katowice: J. Murray – N. Delmas, M. Kruczek; M. Bepierszcz, G. Pasiut (2), B. Fraszko – A. Varttinen (2), S. Koponen; O. Iisakka (4), J. Monto, M. Lehtimäki (2) – J. Wanacki, R. Cook (2); H. Olsson (27), M. Michalski, S. Marklund (2) – D. Lebek, K. Maciaś; S. Hitosato (4), I. Small, M. Kowalchuk.
Coach: Jacek Bakhta

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