Marta Kightley on Guest Event: There's no need to fear inflation growth.  We talked about it

– There is no need to fear high inflation. She said this was a result of increasing the tax on foodstuffs from zero to five percent First Vice President of the Polish National Bank, Marta Keitli In “Guest Events” by Grzegorz Kępka. This is how the economist commented on reports that the Central Statistical Office will provide information on the rise in the inflation rate on Tuesday.

– My, Th Polish National Bank, The Vice President explained: We have shown what would happen if the government abandoned the anti-inflation shield in exchange for food.

As Kightley added, inflation It will reach about 2.5 percent, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. She pointed out that we do not know exactly how much inflation will be at the end of the year.

– In the March forecast, we reported that inflation could reach 7.5 percent by the end of 2024 – explained the Vice President of the National Central Bank.

Deputy Chairman of the Polish National Bank on interest rates. “This is not politics”

The Monetary Policy Board fulfills its mandate, and does not punish borrowers – said the Deputy Chairman of the Polish National Bank when asked about the level of interest rates. – The MPC's goal is to bring inflation to the medium-term inflation target – said Marta Keightley.

– The increase in inflation is caused by the cancellation of shields. She added that this is a temporary effect.

Grzegorz Kipka, Vice President of the Polish National Bank, asked if this was possible Reducing the interest rate.

– The Monetary Policy Board is interested in what will happen to inflation in the medium term – Kightley answered. According to expectations, inflation will reach 3.5 percent next year and less than 3 percent in 2026. She added that the Monetary Policy Council wants to achieve the goal on this horizon permanently.

Video: Marta Kightley on Guest Events: There is no need to be afraid of rising inflation. We talked about it

The TNB Vice President also commented on the allegations made by the presenter that the interest rate cuts are politically motivated.

– This is not politics, this – Adjusting prices to suit the current situation – She said. – Core inflation will fall slightly, and this data is analyzed very carefully – Kightley added.

“It would be very bad if Glabinski was taken to state court.”

The interviewee was also asked about confidence in activities Polish National Bank After announcing the balance sheet for 2023, the National Bank of Japan recorded a loss of approximately PLN 21 billion, instead of expected profits.

– The result of NBP depends on many factors. One of the most important is the zloty exchange rate, the Vice President said. – When the currency strengthens, the central bank loses. She added that this is a common rule.

See: NBP on the application to the State Court of A. Glapiński. 'Destroying the economy'

The Vice President of the National National Party was asked if she would replace President Glabinski if charges were brought against him.

– It would be very bad if that happened President Adam Glabinski Kightley said in state court. “It is a very important principle that the head of the National Party should be irremovable,” she added.

Politicians should not have any influence on central bank policy. Today, after major shocks, we have stable inflation. The economist noted that this is a major achievement.

Finally, the Vice President of the National Bank said – in accordance with the regulations – He will replace Glapiński.

Vice President of the National Bank: Politicians’ attack on the Central Bank is politicization

Keightley was asked about the letter the head of the Polish National Bank sent to Donald Tusk.

– The Prime Minister did not answer her – she answered. – The message includes preparing to meet Tusk. She explained that there should be no conflict between the central bank and the government.

The Constitutional Court declared that bringing the head of the National Party before the court was unconstitutional. The Vice President of the National Bank said that it is globally binding and indisputable.

Politicians' attack on the central bank amounts to politicizationShe stressed that there should not be.

See: NBP Chief State Court Controversy. “Very good bank manager”

The Vice President of NBP also commented The amount of Glapiński's earnings As President of the Polish National Bank.

– Kightley said that the remuneration of the head of the central bank is less than that of the heads of commercial banks. – Moreover, these rates have already been set for a long time – he added.

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