Jesper Karlström of Lech Pozna spoke about his gambling addiction and debt in a podcast

Jesper Karlstrom is a footballer in Lech Pozna since the beginning of 2021. The 26-year-old is an important player for the current leader of PKO Ekstraklasa. Maciej Skorża, Although he has a good group of midfieldersIn the first eleven rows of PKO Ekstraklasa this season. Only in Lech Poznan’s last match against Wisla Pocock did Jesper Karlstrom come in the second half. The Swede is a hardworking, more efficient player. He is appreciated by his teammates (Mikael Isaac publicly praised him, and spoke about the differences between him and Jacob Moder), fans of Lech Pozna are also interested in his hard work more and more.

Jesper Karlström spoke shortly after coming to Poland about his struggle with diabetes, supported, among others Work related to this disease. Now, in an interview with a Swedish journalist, he talked about his successful fight against gambling.

Jesper Karlström spoke about his fight against gambling addiction on the Lundh podcast, led by Swedish sports journalist Olof Lundh. As midfielder Lech Pozna assures, he is openly talking about the problems he has been dealing with, because “maybe someone will be able to help in that way”.

Jesper Karlström admits he lost about one million Swedish kronor, or half a million zlotys, due to gambling. As he remembers, the hardest moment was in the summer of 2018. – I was so overwhelmed with g…e, I had such debts that I had no choice but to talk about my addiction with someone from the club, from Djurgårdens IF. I was saved by my family and friends, chief among them the former sporting director of “Bosse” Andersson and president Henrik Berggren – confirms Jesper Karlström.

Football player Lech Poznan, who opened his speech in an interview with Olof Lunde, recalls that his addiction to gambling began at the age of 15. – The more you win, the more money you play. At first it was 50 kroner, then 100 kroner … The limit was constantly rising, even large amounts – admits Jesper Karlström. – I have played a lot on mobile and it is very easy to hide it. You often bet on sports, but not in the Swedish league I was playing in at the time. Besides, roulette, casino… I was a world champion in pretending, I could smile in front of others, laugh in training, even though I felt disgusted. Gambling had a huge effect on me, I was thinking about it all the time, I was having a hard time sleeping. Sometimes when I won something, my sense of humor came back, but it was a great mood swing, although most of the time I felt bad – adds footballer Lech Poznan.

Jesper Carlstrom, he asserts, has paid off all his gambling debts, and Lech Poznan is relieved. – I am happy because I play in every match, and coach Maciej Skorua trusts me, even though the competition in the team is very strong – says the Swede.

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Jesper Karlström argues that, in his opinion, gambling addiction among athletes is more common than you think. Few people talk about it publicly, so it’s an “invisible problem”. That is why he decided to tell his story – to warn others and give strength to those who are trying to get rid of addiction. – I hope I can reach as many people as possible with this message – says Szwed from Lech Poznań.

On Tuesday at 13.30 Poland Cup match between Unia Skierniewice and Lech Pozna, broadcast on Polsat Sport and Polsat Box Go.

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