The super-Earth planet Kua'kua is similar to Earth's moon.  It's an eternal night there

Super-Earths are exoplanets, and there are quite a few of them in the Milky Way. One of them is an object with a sonorous name Implemented (also known as LHS 3844b) near the star broken. Astronomers took a closer look at the planet and found something they already suspected.

The Moon is strongly connected to the Earth. So much so that the silver globe always faces our world on the same side. In the case of the Kwakoa super-Earth, the situation is similar, as research conducted by astronomers has shown. In fact, this was already suspected, as confirmed by a team led by Xintong Liu of Peking University in China.

Kua'kua is very close to the red dwarf and one side of it always faces the star. One The “year” there lasts only 11.1 hours. Of course, it's very hot there in the daytime. Temperatures Exceeding 525°C. For comparison, the temperature on the infernal planet Venus is about 467 degrees Celsius. However, on the other side of the planet There is eternal night.

The system is there It is about 48 light-years away. The star Batsũ̀ is a red dwarf with a radius of about 19 percent. Half the diameter of the sun. There is at least one exoplanet in the system, the super-Earth planet Quaqua. He is About 1.3 times larger than EarthIts mass was calculated to be 2.25 times that of our world. The planet orbits only 0.006 astronomical units from the star. One determines the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Super-Earth exoplanets are very common in our galaxy. So far, the existence of the Milky Way has been confirmed Nearly 1,700 of these objectsBut it is estimated that there are tens of billions of them!

Out of curiosity, it's worth adding that The closest super-Earth is only 6 light-years away It orbits near the red dwarf. this star bernard b In the constellation Ophiuchus. The planet is 3.2 times larger than Earth and is so cold because it receives so little energy. Only 2 percent of our world is from the sun.


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