"Unbearable".  Sweden is amazing after the semi-finals.  Football has always been bad taste

“It’s seldom been so hard to trust Jan Anderson’s acting as he has been in the past six months,” I evaluated afterwards match “Expressen” journalist Therese Stromberg. She recalled that already in the fall the fate of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for the Swedish national team was in their hands, but he judged himself by the play-off matches. Unexpectedly, she lost to Georgia, among others. “What if our national team has at its disposal the greatest young talents in European football, if this is the first good player Did you hit the Czech team after 75 minutes? “ asked the journalist rhetorically. After the match in Solna, you can leave yourself behind: Are the hosts on that day going to play yellow for sure? They weren’t like the team that el. In this World Cup, I efficiently defeated everyone at home, including Spain.

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“The Swedes were heavy, as if they had just gotten up.”

– The Swedes, because of a large part of this match, couldn’t really handle the Czechs, who played high – assesses Jerzy Kruczynski, former player why And the LyciaHe is currently a coach and has been living in Sweden for 30 years. The hosts were heavy, as if they had just gotten out of bed. I admit that I was surprised myself by their helplessness in their area. Or maybe they neglected their competitors a little? In the first half, Emil Folsberg, who is counted here, led only twice. In addition, there was no appreciable in the attack. The Swedes were in a semi-firing situation. It’s no wonder that after their lovely work in overtime, one-touch trading with Alexander Isaacs and Robin Quayson’s goal, everyone here took a deep breath. Journalists confirmed that this is how it will be necessary to play with Poland – Kruszczyński tells us.

Total absurdity before the World Cup. FIFA just changed the rules. There weren’t enough teams to play

Stromberg stated in her column that “a little of what happened in Solna will be of benefit to the Swedes in Chorzow in the decisive match against Poland”, because there was a lot of mediocrity with the Czechs. In any case, the Swedish national team, at their request, expanded their way to the final qualifiers and after the normal time games They had to go into overtime. Therefore, before the match with Poland, they have 120 minutes of fighting with the Czech Republic in their legs.

Team fatigue was evident even in the line of defence. Captain Victor Lindelof was having cramps. The Swedes rushed a lot in this match – Kruszczyński notes.

“Sportsbladet” commentator Eric Neva has also commented on the Frends Arena events quite frankly. “At first I had the impression that the hounds were released from the leash and rushed forward. However, this race became a mess. What formation were we playing in, what was the idea of ​​this match? The last minutes were so chaotic , I didn’t know what was happening on the field. I’m not talking about any objective analysis that I can do “- he wrote. He added that 45 minutes of the match were uncomfortable, 70 unpleasant and 90 unbearable. No one even thought of the 120, or maybe they didn’t want to think.

Ibrahimovic to Poland?

However, because on March 29 Sweden Coming to Chorzo for the decisive start to the World Cup, the conclusions must be drawn from this mess. This is the team that beat us recently at Euro and they still have great players.

– You can refer to someone like this in every formation. In defense, it is worth highlighting Matten Olson, who was well connected with the offensive business. He left a lot of power on the field, and he changed hands in the second half. Midfielder Christopher Olson can also be commended for playing equally well. Isak was probably the biggest threat under the Czech goal, as Dejan Kolocevce’s underperformed. He had his own stands, but in vain – Kruszczyński tried to score. And of course, you can’t forget the one who paused to get the cards in Solna. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was shown several times during the match by the Swedish producer.

– During the break you could see that it was bleak. He might have thought that if he was on the court, things would have taken a different turn – Kruszczyński smiles. He is afraid to retire from football. He will play for as long as health allows. For something, though, it came down to that representation. I’m convinced we’ll see him play in the match against Poland. If he’s not right away, he’ll come off the bench. He will probably have his advantages, he will attract players, and he will push himself into a physical fight with Polish players. However, he is a different kind of player than Isaac the Younger – coach points out. Will Ibra be the one who will restore the confidence of the Swedish national team and pull it out of the doldrums?

Qatar's president of Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the star of the teamIbrahimovic put his teammate in the basket. And Friday can help

– The Swedes are a little afraid of the match in Chorzov. There have already been articles in the press about Kotla Czarownic, special facility for Poles. If the Scandinavians look as they do the Czechs, they are playable. You just have to be careful not to let them jump to their level – Kruszczyński recommends.

Poland – Sweden match for the World Cup in Qatar on Tuesday at 20.45.

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