April 1, 2023


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“Barcelona have a problem with him. It’s too bad.” Tomasz Świjka spoke about Robert Lewandowski

Tomasz Świjka spoke about Robert Lewandowski. “He doesn’t have the same impact on Barcelona as he did at the start of the season. When I look at him recently, I get a little worried – said the journalist of “Canal + Sport”.

Robert Lewandowski scored his first goal at the Camp Nou since October 23 against Cadiz last weekend. You can see the Polish strike here.

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However, many experts see a decline in the 34-year-old’s form. This group includes Tomasz Ćwiąkała, who shared his observations of it on his YouTube channel.

– In my opinion, Barcelona had a problem with Robert Lewandowski last month. I know what it’s like and not many people dare say such words, but I think Robert himself – knowing his own skills – understands that something is wrong. – He said.

– There have been a lot of Lewandowski’s recent matches where you could tell something was clearly missing. The decline of his form is evident. In the case of players of this quality, everything could end overnight, but for now – by his standards – it’s very bad. He said.

– The “left” does not have such an impact on the Barcelona game as it did at the beginning of the season. You can see with the naked eye that something has stopped working there. Looking at him lately, I feel a little uneasy because he’s clearly not in shape – even when there are goals. He hasn’t hit the target in Spain yet, but if he continues to play at this level, he’s close to it – peace.

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Robert Lewandowski has played 29 matches this season. Scored 24 goals and recorded six assists.