January 28, 2023


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The strange behavior of Pope Francis.  "Increased Defense Spending by the Mad West"

The strange behavior of Pope Francis. “Increased Defense Spending by the Mad West”

Speaking to the Alliance of Women’s Groups, the pope said the conflict in Ukraine was the product of “the old logic of power that still dominates the so-called geopolitics”.

he said that The real answer is not more weapons and more sanctions.

“I was embarrassed to read that a group of countries had pledged to spend 2% (…) of their GDP on buying weapons in response to what is happening now. It’s crazy.”

Francis said.

NATO’s goal is to allocate 2%. Gross domestic product of member states for defense purposes. In the past few years, many have failed to achieve this, much to the chagrin of the United States.

But last month, Germany announced it would sharply increase defense spending to more than 2% of GDP. This change in policy was, of course, due to the invasion of Russia.

France, one of Europe’s largest military powers, has announced that it will meet the 2% target this year. NATO spending aimed at the United States. Other European countries have also decided to increase spending to varying degrees. There is heated political debate about the proposed increases in Italy.

Francis said that What we need is “a different way of ruling the globalized world, not by showing teeth as we do today, but in a different way in shaping international relations.”

Source: niezalezna.pl

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