Basketball.  European Qualifiers: Polish women did not give Albania a chance

Qualifiers for the European Championships opened in Gniezno, where Polish basketball players had been training for several days before the match with Albania.

I hope we can play much better than in the last qualifiers. We will play in the group against Albania, Slovenia and Turkey and the matches will not be easy and they will be completely different. As a coach, I have no experience in Albanian basketball and you can only say something about this team with an example of what they played 3 years ago. It’s a very small team, and the difference between center and center – when it comes to height, is very small – the coach of the Polish team, Maros Kovacic, analyzed before the match.

The start of the match was exciting for the Polish women – the host team took the lead with a ratio of 17: 0, and representatives of Albania scored their first points only at the end of the fifth minute of the match.

The following minutes were marked by Maros Kovacic’s team increasing advantage. Keep going until the break 76:13.

After the break, the picture of the match did not change, the Polish women gradually increased their superiority, and the Albanians in the second half managed to score only 6 points. In the end, Kovacic’s players finished the match with an advantage of 106 points!

In the second meeting of the Polish qualifying group, Turkey defeated Slovenia 78:62.

Poland – Albania 125:19 (76:13)

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